Debate Club

Do you have opinions? I bet you do… If I’m right, then Debate Club is for you!

Debating Club is held every Thursday at lunchtime in W5. It’s a great place for strong-minded individuals to get together and speak (or shout) about their views and opinions on different matters; ones that are political, topical, controversial and even light-hearted. To give a few examples…

    • “Video Games cause bad behaviour in children”

    • “Is water wet?”

    • “We have less face-to-face interaction because of social media”

    • “Beauty is only skin deep”

    • “Is Santa a threat to international security?”

Members of Debate Club try to hold a ‘walking debate’ every week, but even light-hearted discussions can turn into quite heated arguments with all of the different personalities who attend. From 1st years to 6th years, Debate Club is for anyone who thinks anything – we don’t discriminate!!

We now have badges!! Towards the end of the last school year, each member of Debate Club was presented with their very own Debating Club badge. This was a very gratifying time for us all. Our strong opinions actually rewarded us with something other than an argument! I’d like to thank Mrs Norris and Dr Welch for arranging and getting these for us all. I know I certainly wear mine with pride.

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