The Board of Management 2023

Dr Howard Welch (Principal)

Mrs Tara Cowan (Deputy Principal)

Rev. Canon John Merrick (Chairperson)

Bishop Andrew Forster (Nominated by the CEO ETB)

Rev.  Richard Tregaskis (Nominated by the Patron) 

Mrs Wendy Donaghy (Nominated by the Patron) 

Mrs Lorna Johnston (Nominated by the Patron) 

Mrs Dianne Lecky (Nominated by the Patron)

Mr Rodney Lindsey (Nominated by the Patron)

Ms Katrina Bonner (Nominated by the Staff)

Mr Johne Plunkett  (Nominated by the Staff)

Mr Don Pearson (Nominated by the Parents’ Association)

Mrs Margaret McKnight (Nominated by the Parents’ Association)


The School’s Patron Body – The Donegal Protestant Board of Education

The Revd Canon John Merrick (Chairperson)

The Revd Dr Brian Brown (Vice Chairperson)

Mrs Charlotte Maye (Secretary)

Miss Margaret Boyd

Mr David Buchanan

The Revd Canon David Crooks

Mrs Wendy Donaghy

Mrs Christine Eaton

The Revd James Lamont

Canon Bill Long

Mr George Magee

Mr Andrew Speer

Mrs Maud Walsh

Mrs. Alison Wilson