Our Student Council for 2022/2023

At The Royal and Prior we actively encourage our students to get involved and to have their say. Our students democratically vote for the best candidate among their peers to represent them and their best interests. 

Our Student Council for 2022/23

1st Year 

  • Hannah Goudie 1A
  • Daniel Callaghan 1A

2nd Year 

  • Lydia Harris 2D
  • Nathan Gillespie 2B

3rd Year 

  • Kimberly Pearson 3B
  • Noah Johnston 3C

Transition Year

  • Emily Rowlands 4A
  • Ace Rodriguez 4B

5th Year 

  • Charlie Coyle 5A
  • William Harris 5D

6th Year 

  • Jessica Wilson 6C
  • Sam Alcorn 6B

Boarding House 

  • Hannah Deane 4C

Core Members 

  • Jennifer Holly 6D (Head Girl)
  • Matthew Gibson 6B (Head Boy)
  • Ryan Browne 6A (Deputy Head Boy)
  • Abi McKean 6C (Deputy Head Girl)