The New Junior Cycle

The new Junior Cycle caters for students in the first three years of their post-primary education and It features revised subjects, new short courses and a focus on key skills and experiences. The new Junior Cycle also means there are new approaches to assessment and reporting.

Classroom based Assessments (CBAs)

During second and third year, students will complete a number of Classroom-Based Assessments. In addition to classroom-based assessments, students complete state examinations at the end of their three year junior cycle and receive a Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement.

For a small group of students with special educational needs, priority learning units (PLUs) are provided. These components enable the statements of learning and key skills to become a reality for these students throughout their three-year junior cycle.

Junior Cycle profile of achievement (JCPA)

When a student has completed their Junior Cycle, they are presented with a Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA).  This is a written record of what the student has achieved throughout their 3 years learning journey.

 The JCPA shows the following:

The academic results from the SEC final exams

The results from the Classroom Based Assessments (CBAs)

Other Areas of Learning 

OALs records student achievement, involvement and participation across a broad range of areas of learning through school based activities in Junior Cycle. Some examples include; co-curricular activities, charity work, involvement in school events and student leadership roles. Unfortunately, activities participated in outside of school are not allowed to be considered in the JCPA

How does the JCPA differ from the old Junior Certificate?
The JCPA is compiled by the school, adhering to a national format. It recognises student achievement, not solely through the state-certified final examinations, but also through a range of other assessment modes and areas of learning. The state certified grades are first reported by the State Examinations Commission (SEC) in provisional form in September following the end of third year. These results are subsequently confirmed and included in the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA). A Junior Certificate is no longer issued.

Junior Cycle Subjects that we offer at The Royal and Prior;

Core Subjects

English, Irish, Maths, Science, History, Geography, CSPE – Civic, Social and Political Education, SPHE -Social, Personal and Health Education, PE – Physical Education and RE- Religious Education

Optional Subjects

Art, Business Studies, Engineering, French, Graphics, Home Economics, Music, Wood Technology

Short Courses ( Animation & Coding)

Junior Cycle Key Skills