“Darts as we know it is about 700 years old, but in one form or another has been around a very long time. Most historians agree that it originated in England in the medieval era in the 1300s.”

The Royal Darts Club is a new lunch-time initiative open to all pupils. Since the first meeting in

September 2018, membership has grown dramatically and room 42 is always a hive of excitement

and enthusiasm. After initially meeting once a week, the club now is open every day .

There are three darts boards in use. Some great entertaining games take place and students need to be on the ball to compute very tricky calculations, like adding up double scores and treble scores and to find the easiest way to finish on a double.

Two successful tournaments have taken place throughout the year. A tournament involving

members of staff took place before Christmas. A hard fought final between Mr Boal and Mr O’ Boyle took place on the last day of term and the spoils went this time to Mr O Boyle.

Close to 60 students took part in a student tournament. It has just got to the Quarter Final stages as this publication went to print. Best of luck to all students still involved.

A big thank you must go to Mr O Boyle and a number of students who have helped out hugely to make this club a success during the year. Thank you to Alexander Henry, Ian Clarke , Cian Alcorn,

Adam Moore, Philip Moore, Karl McGinley, Steven McMullan, Jordan Roulston, Jamie Cunningham, Jack King and Ben King.

After this successful rookie year, we hope the club shall continue to go from strength and strength.

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"Darts was first broadcast in 1962 "