W5 – A Teacher’s Perspective 

From a teaching perspective I would like to congratulate Mrs Griffin, Mrs Carr and all of the team for the positive class climate created in W5. The transition of our students into Post Primary has been very positive. The room is set up with nice workstations and lockers, where students can work independently. The locker system is used at various times and the SNAs play a key role in facilitating this. The quiet area is the jewel in the crown where students can hang out and relax at various times of the day. Lunchtime is peaceful but the students can socialise and play games together in harmony. I can see how well many of our students have adapted into mainstream and crucially the students feel happy. With the great support put in place, I am not surprised.

Mr D Mc Colgan

W5 – A Special Needs Assistant’s  Perspective 

W5 has been a very much anticipated welcome to our school. It provides a safe place – where students can take quiet time out from the busy classroom. Allocated in the room is a quiet area for students with AEN  – there are large bean bags, weighted blankets and dim lighting to ensure the area has a calming atmosphere. Also there is an exercise bike, exercise balls and colourful sensory tiles on the floor.

W5 is a great place and, more importantly, is a safe environment where students can go to de-stress and regulate their emotions.  Even though it has only been in place since September 2022, we just cannot imagine the school without it. The students who avail of this valuable resource are so happy when they are there. We should be so proud of our school, and our staff for all their dedication in embracing W5. Because we are a huge part of this classroom, we get to see the benefits and the difference this makes to our students on a daily basis. If we didn’t have W5, our school would not be as inclusive, and it’s a wonderful asset because all students can now access our school. 

The SNA Team