Our 2023 TY production of Calamity Jane

The Alley Theatre, Strabane Tuesday 31st January- Friday 3rd February

For the past six years we at The Royal and Prior have been delighted to work closely with our neighbours and friends at Deele College under the guidance and in association with Peace IV, which is a cross-border initiative financed through the European Regional Development Fund.

 The schools have forged a lovely working relationship down through the years with particular emphasis on building positive relationships and actions to promote cohesion between our different school communities.

This year we decided to pull out all stops and see if we could bring together the musical talents of both schools. When the idea was birthed we had no idea of the wealth of talent that lay within each school. We were blown away when we tested the waters and saw beyond the apparent talents and skills unearthing the most gifted students.

Andrew Tinney must be commended for finding such talent and developing it in they way he did. Andrew directed the musical and a fine musical it was! The students held their nerves, characters and accents professionally under Andrew’s steer.

Jade Molloy-O’Donnell choreographed the musical, putting her expertise at work with our students. The performance was sheer brilliance from the opening song to the curtain drop.

It was a theatrical treat for the audience. Ellie Carson & Ellie Rose Henry shared the lead role of Calamity Jane and the singing and acting were spectacular- every word crystal clear. The two girls duetted ‘A woman’s touch’ was a blend of unisons and harmonies to please the ear.

Bill Hickcock (Jonah Mitchell) was outstanding- a voice that constantly surprised with distinctive tones and wonderfully wide vocal range.

The ladies behind the character Adelaide ( Niamh Troy & Yana Stewart) and those behind character Katie Brown (Sarah Tregaskis & Ellie Rose Henry) were pitch-perfect in song & sensational in the act.

Rebecca Foy, Katie Broderick Tinney, Ace Rodriguez, Ethan Wright, Joshua Devlin, Aoife Tinney & Dana Reece also did their parts with vigor & enthusiasm.

The chorus brought great energy and pizzazz to the performance with their flamboyant dancing dynamism. The audience sealed their approval of such an impressive show by giving the students a standing ovation each night.

A wonderful experience and huge thanks to the students of Deele College & The Royal & Prior for bringing us an unforgettable show.

Good times…. Great memories!!


Calamity Jane: Ellie Carson (The Royal & Prior/ Ellie Rose Henry (Deele College)

Wild Bill: Jonah Mitchell

Lt Dan: Ace Rodriguez

Katie Brown: Sarah Tregaskis  (The Royal & Prior) /Ellie Rose Henry (Deele College)

Henrietta: Rebecca Foy (The Royal & Prior)/ Aoife Tinney (Deele College)

Susan: Dana Reece (TheRoyal & Prior) / Katie Broderick Purcell (Deele College)

Francis Fryer: Ethan Wright (The Royal & Prior)/ Joshua Devine (Deele College)

Adelaide Adams: Yana Stewart (The Royal & Prior)/ Niamh Toye (Deele College)

Rattlesnake: Jamie Russell (The Royal & Prior)/ Lilly Ella Dillion (Deele College)

Doc Pierce: Ben Lowry

Joe (Jane) Faith Dunne & Mia McGettigan

Hank: Emily Hajek

Pete: Ben Anderson

Johnnies (Adelaide’s Admirers):

  • Joel Gibson
  • Merlin Reece Duncan
  • Jamie Rodgers
  • Jack Browne

Chorus (principal dancers/cowboys/soldiers)

  • Mia Pearson
  • Enya Gallagher
  • Ellie Doran
  • Tiana Hannigan
  • Samara McBrearty
  • Demi Lee McLaughlin
  • Alicia McCullagh
  • Rebecca Orr
  • Emily Rowlands
  • Sophie Moore
  • Sophie Fulton
  • Kirsten Stewart
  • Abbie Alcorn
  • Olivia Maxwell
  • Sarah Wauchope
  • Alex Porter
  • Tami McNutt
  • Anna Boal