Draft Calendar for the Academic Year 2018-2019

All dates subject to change

Week 6 October  
Mon 1st  
Tues 2nd  
Wed 3rd  
Thurs 4th  
Fri 5th Prize Distribution Cathedral Hall 7.30 pm NUI Galway Open Day
Week 7  
Mon 8th Friendship/ Random Acts of Kindness Week
Tues 9th JIGSAW Letterkenny Presentation for 5th Year
Wed 10th World Mental Health Day – Walk in my Shoes - Funky Socks/ Shoes day in aid of Pieta House Lkenny
Thurs 11th  
Fri 12th  
Week 8  
Mon 15th  
Tues 16th Info. Evening for 1st Year Parents re Subject Options - 7:30 pm
Wed 17th 1st Years Team Building Day with Form Teacher & Year Head
Thurs 18th Sligo IT Open Day
Fri 19th  
Week 9  
Mon 22nd  
Tues 23rd  
Wed 24th  Parent’s Association AGM 8.00 pm 
Thurs 25th  Open Evening  4.30pm -7.30pm
Fri 26th Thanksgiving service 400th Anniversary Raphoe cathedral  Classes end at 12.53pm 
   Start of Mid Term Break

Week 10 Mid Term Break

Week 11 November  
Mon 5th School reopens 9.10 am
Tues 6th  
Wed 7th  
Thurs 8th  
Fri 9th  
Week 12  
Mon 12th  
Tues 13th Parent Teacher Meeting 4.15 pm - 6.45 pm for 3rd Year
Wed 14th  
Thurs 15th  
Fri 16th  
Week 13  
Mon 19th  
Tues 20th  
Wed 21st  
Thurs 22nd LYIT Open Day
Fri 23rd NUI Maynooth Open Day
Week 14  
Mon 26th  
Tues 27th  
Wed 28th School closing date for UCAS Applications
Thurs 29th Parent Teacher Meeting 4.15 pm - 6.45 pm for 6th Year
Fri 30th  
Week 15 December  
Mon 3rd  
Tues 4th Love for Life Presentation for 1st , 3rd & 5th Form
Wed 5th  
Thurs 6th  Carol Service 7:30 pm
Fri 7th  
Week 16  
Mon 10th  
Tues 11th  
Wed 12th House Exams Begin
Thurs 13th  
Fri 14th  
Week 17  
Mon 17th  
Tues 18th House Exams End
Wed 19th  
Thurs 20th  
Fri 21st School closes at 12.00 noon. End Of Christmas Term

Week 18/19 Christmas Holidays

Week 20 January Spring term begins  
Mon 7th School reopens 9.10 am
Tues 8th  
Wed 9th  
Thurs 10th  
Fri 11th  
Week 21  
Mon 14th  
Tues 15th  
Wed 16th Parent Teacher Meeting 4.15 pm - 6.45 pm for Years 2 & 5
Thurs 17th  
Fri 18th School Prom Silver Tassie hotel
Week 22  
Mon 21st  
Tues 22nd  
Wed 23rd  
Thurs 24th  
Fri 25th  
Week 23  
Mon 28th  
Tues 29th  
Wed 30th Parent Teacher Meeting 4.15 pm - 6.45 pm Year 1 & 4
Thurs 31st  
Fri 1st CAO Normal Closing Date for Applications
Week 24 February  
Mon 54h  
Tues 5th  
Wed 6th  
Thurs 7th  
Fri 8th  
Week 25  
Mon 11th Well Being / Mental Health Promotion Week
Tues 12th   Info. Evening for 3rd Year & TY Parents re 3rd LC Subject Options - 7pm
Wed 13th  
Thurs 14th School Concert – An Grianan Theatre Letterkenny
Fri 15th Classes end at 3.30 pm - Start of Mid Term Break

Week 26 Mid Term Break

Week 27 February /March  
Mon 25th School reopens 9.10 am Mock exams begin 4th Year Work Experience.
Tues 26th  
Wed 27th  
Thurs 28th  
Fri 1st  
Week 28  
Mon 4th  
Tues 5th  
Wed 6th  
Thurs 7th  
Fri 8th Incoming First Year Transfer Day
Week 29  
Mon 11th  
Tues 12th  
Wed 13th  
Thurs 14th  
Fri 15th  
Week 30  
Mon 18th School Closed Bank Holiday
Tues 19th  
Wed 20th  
Thurs 21st  
Fri 22nd  
Week 31  
Mon 25th  
Tues 26th  
Wed 27th  
Thurs 28th  
Fri 29h  
Week 32 April  
Mon 1st  
Tues 2nd  
Wed 3rd  
Thurs 4th  
Fri 5th  
Week 33  
Mon 8th  
Tues 9th  
Wed 10th  
Thurs 11th  
Fri 12th Classes end at 3.30. Start of Easter holidays

Week 34 /35 Easter Holidays

Week 36 Summer Term April/ May  
Mon 29th School reopens 9.10 am
Tues 30th  
Wed 1st  
Thurs 2nd  
Fri 3rd  
Week 37 May  
Mon 6th Bank Holiday School Closed
Tues 7th  
Wed 8th  
Thurs 9h  
Fri 10th  
Week 38   
Mon 13th  
Tues 14th  
Wed 15th  
Thurs 16th  
Fri 17th  
Week 39  
Mon 20th  
Tues 21st  
Wed 22nd Last day of classes for 6th Year
Thurs 23rd Leaver’s Day
Fri 24th Final School Assembly 12.30 pm
Week 40  
Mon 27th Start of House Exams
Tues 28th  
Wed 29th  
Thurs 30th  

Fri 31st

End of House Exams and End of Summer Term

Week 41 June  
Mon 3rd Bank Holiday
Tues 4th  
Wed 5th Start of the State Examinations
Thurs 6th  
Fri 7th  

Upcoming Events

Love for Life Presentation
Love for Life Presentation for 1st, 3rd & 5th Form Tues, 4th Dec
Carol Service 8:00 pm
Carol Service 8:00 pm, Thurs, 6th Dec
House Exams
House Exams 12th - 18th Dec
School closes
School closes at 12.00 noon, 21st Dec End Of Christmas Term. School reopens 9.10 am Mon, 7th Jan