Royal and Prior School Raphoe Co Donegal


Calendar 2016 -2017

2016 – 2017 Calendar – All Dates Subject to Change


Week 15 December

Mon 5th

Tues 6th

Wed 7th

Thurs 8th

Fri 9th



Week 16

Mon 12th

Tues 13th

Wed 14th

Thurs 15th

Fri 16th


House examination begin


Week 17

Mon 19th

Tues 20th

Wed 21st

Thurs 22nd

Fri 23rd

House examinations end



Classes end at 12:00 pm End of Christmas Term


Week 18/19 Christmas Holidays


Week 20 January Spring Term Begins

Mon 9th

Tues 10th

Wed 11th

Thurs 12th

Fri 13th

School reopens 9:19 am



Week 21

Mon 16th

Tues 17th

Wed 18th

Thurs 19th

Fri 20th




 1st Year and 4th Year Parent Teacher Meeting – Classes end 3:25 pm 

School Prom




Week 22

Mon 23rd  

Tues 24th

Wed 25th

Thurs 26th

Fri 27th



Week 23 February

Mon 30th

Tues 31st

Wed 1st

Thurs 2nd

Fri 3rd




Week 24 

Mon 6th

Tues 7th

Wed 8th

Thurs 9th

Fri 10th



Week 25  

Mon 13th

Tues 14th

Wed 15th

Thurs 16th

Fri 17th





Classes end at 3.40 pm  Start of Mid Term


Week 26       Mid-Term Break


Week 27 February/March

Mon 27th

Tues 28th

Wed 1st

Thurs 2nd

Fri 3rd

School reopens 9:19 am   Mock Examinations for  3rd & 6th Year students.  TY Work Experience 







Week 28

 Mon 6th

Tues 7th

Wed 8th

Thurs 9th

Fri 10th




Week 29

Mon 13th

Tues 14th

Wed 15th

Thurs 16th

Fri 17th





School closed Bank Holiday


Week 30

Mon 20th

Tues 21st

Wed 22nd

Thurs 23rd

Fri 24th



Week 31

Mon 27th  

Tues 18th

Wed 29th

Thurs 30th

Fri 31st



Week 32 April

Mon 3rd

Tues 4th

Wed 5th

Thurs 6th

Fri 7th





Classes end at 3:40 pm  Start of Easter Holidays


Week 33 / Week 34 Easter Holidays






Week 35 Summer Term  

Mon 24th

Tues 25th


Thurs 27th

Fri 28th

School re-opens at 9:19 am


Week 36 May

Mon 1st

Tues 2nd

Wed 3rd

Thurs 4th

Fri 5th

Bank Holiday School closed


Week 37

Mon 8th  

Tues 9th

Wed 10th

Thurs 11h

Fri 12th



Week 38

Mon 15th

Tues 16th

Wed 17th

Thurs 618h

Fri 19th



Week 39      

Mon 22nd  

Tues 23rd

Wed 24th

Thurs 25th

Fri 26th



Last day of classes for 6th Year

Leaver’s Day


Week 40

Mon 29th

Tues 30th

Wed 31st

Thurs 1st

Fri 2nd

Start of House Exams




End of House Exams and End of Summer Term


Week 41 June

Mon 5th

Tues 6th

Wed 7th


Bank Holiday


State Examinations begin




"Stand Up to Bullying"


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