Junior Certificate Schools Programme (JCSP)

The Junior Certificate School Programme is a national programme sponsored by the Department of Education and Science and the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment. It originated in the early school leavers’ programmes initiated by  the Curriculum Development Unit. Currently the programme is operating in over 240 schools throughout the country.

Aims of Junior Certificate Schools Programme:

The Junior Certificate School Programme aims to provide a curriculum framework that assists schools and teachers in making the Junior Certificate more accessible to those young people who may leave school without formal qualifications. It attempts to help young people experience success and develop a positive self-image by providing a curriculum and assessment framework suitable to their needs. On completion of the programme students receive a profile which is an official record of their achievements  from the Department of Education and Science


Junior Certificate Schools Programme 2010/2011 

The JCSP motto is that every student will have a positive educational experience through a combination of learning in the class room and also learning outside the class room. Every year a number of students are chosen from each year group to participate in the JCSP. As well as working on statements in class, students also take part in a wide variety of initiatives each year. These initiatives include:

Celebrity Chef

A local celebrity chef comes into the school for a period of 6 weeks and demonstrates cooking skills with the students. This is one of the most enjoyable initiatives in the JCSP.

Christmas Celebration

Each Christmas the students hold a Christmas celebration. This involves a large amount of preparation. Pupils each display the work they have completed over their time in the school both practical and written. Parents and teachers are invited to the school to view this work. The students also use their cooking skills from celebrity chef to provide refreshments on the day.

Who Wants to be a Word Millionaire

This initiative involves all first year students in the school. Each first year class is given a target of reaching one million words. Last year one particular class read over four million!

Paired Reading Initiative

This initiative creates a link between the local primary school and the Royal and Prior School. Our students visit a chosen primary school class and each student is a given pupil to read a novel too. On completion of this initiative the primary school pupils are presented with the book and all pupils receive certificates.

This time primary school pupils visit our school and take part in a variety of active maths games with our students acting as the tutor. This lasts for 6 weeks.

JCSP Community Service Initiative


Primary school students being presented with their certificates for the Paired Reading initiative