Applied Maths

Applied Maths is used to help understand the real world by using different mathematical models to help us understand and solve everyday problems. It is used in such a diverse fields as engineering, business, finance, physics, biology, economics, environmental studies, chemistry, political studies, medicine etc.

The Applied Mathematics courses at Leaving Certificate is really a course on Mathematical Physics, where the Mathematics is based around solving Physics problems.

This is one of the many branches of Applied Mathematics which enhances students problem solving skills using the following steps:

Analyse the problem

Represent the problem mathematically

Solve the problem using maths

Understand how your answers can be applied to real life situations.

The course is suitable for any of the following students:

Those considering studying Engineering in college.

If you good at Maths (an H1 or H2 standard at LC Higher level) and enjoy a challenge.

Students that are studying Leaving Certificate Higher Level Maths & Physics – there is some overlap.

Topics covered:

  • Motion: displacement, velocity, relative velocity

  • Newton’s laws of motion; acceleration

  • Straight line motion; inclined plane; connected particles

  • Equilibrium under concurrent forces

  • Centre of gravity

  • Pressure in liquids; Archimedes’ principle

  • Projectiles; projectiles on inclined plane

  • Angular velocity; uniform circular motion

  • Conservation of momentum; direct collisions; oblique collisions

  • Simple harmonic motion

  • Rigid body motion; moments of inertia; angular momentum

  • Differential equations