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Prize Giving

Prize Giving

Academic achievement is never accidental. It is always the result of consistent and disciplined effort with the leadership, motivation and direction of the teacher supported by parents playing a crucial role. Unlike the elusive "Who wants to be a millionaire?" contest, to gain examination success very few situations or questions are of the 50.50 variety and there is absolutely no opportunely to ask the audience or phone a friend. Essentially there isn’t an easy route or short-cut to examination success. The achievements of our pupils would not have been possible without the ongoing commitment, effort and time given by many people. Thanks to each member of the teaching staff, Royal School House staff, ancillary staff-office staff, caretaking, cleaning and canteen staff. We thank past-pupils, parents and Board members for their assistance. Above all thanks to our pupils for their efforts, good humour and achievements. Your individual and collective contributions are appreciated and are essential for the continued well-being and success of our school.


Royal and Prior School Prizegiving, Friday 28th September 2012





Welcome ………………………………………………………….Archdeacon S. Harte

Head Girl & Head Boy Reports …………………………… … … …Rachel Gibson/Jonathan Blackburn

Principal’s Report ………………………………………………….Dr. H. Welch

Distribution of Prizes and Address ………………………………Mr. D. McGinley TD

Vote of thanks to the Speaker ………………………………………Canon D. Crooks

Past Pupils’ Association Address…………………………………Mrs. B. Brace





2ACharlene Rodriguez, Orlaith Fogarty, Abbie Whoriskey, Beibhinn Kelly

2BMitchell Goudie, Alison Stewart, Odhran Shiels, Amy Carter

2CHolly Glenn, Helena Grier, Natasha Gilmour, Alan Darragh

2DRobin McClean, Charlotte Smyth, Louise Stewart, Sarah McCoy

3AJordan Neilands, Paul Costello, Karl Kee, Megan McClintock

3BRoanne Lecky, Callum Baldrick, Simon Cromie, Chloe Moore

3CEmma Bowe, Susanna Vance, Emma Devlin, Adam Boal-Quinn

3DAmy Stewart, Lucy McClintock, Alice Gibson, Joshua De Cook




Attendance:Paul Costello, Alice Gibson,Natasha Gilmour, Roanne Lecky, James Lindsay,Ryan Lockhart, Alan Long, Michelle McBride, Robin McClean, Lucy McClintock, Megan McClintock,Sarah McCoy, Adam McGinley, Josh McMullan, Kim McMullin, Jordan Neilands, Charelene Rodriguez, Amy Stewart.


Miller Cup (Team Captain):Luke Witherow




John Anderson, Sameed Arshad, Kirsty Barnett, Nicole Barnett, David Blackburn, Ruth Blackburn, Yasmin Bond, Karen Buchanan, Catherine Canavan, Matthew Catterson, Aaron Clarke, Charlotte Coyle, Henry Crockett, Shannen Davis, Andrew Devenney, Sarah Jane Devlin, Philip Doherty, Timothy Doherty, Karen Gallagher, Mairéad Gallagher, Andrew Gardiner, Shane Gibson, Sarah Gordon, Laura Hetherington, Adam Higgins, Riichard Hunter, Kyle Johnston, Luke Johnston, Christopher Kelly, Matthew Kelly, Brian Kennedy, Tamara Laird, Helen Lecky, Robert Long, Jordan Long, Mark Magee, Caitlin Masterson, Natasha McArdle, Aaron McAuley, Tristan McBride, David McClean, Lynne McConnell, Gary McCracken, Alison McElhinney, Bruce McElhinney, Saoirse McEntee, Christopher McFarland, Christian McGill, Philip McGrory, Oliver McHugh, Rebecca McKenna, Kirsty McKinney, Eimear Merrick, Sarah Miller-Arthur, Jennifer Mooney, Brad Moore, Julie Moore, Lucy Morrow, Tracey Neely, Dillon O’Loughlin, Luke Murphy, Kyle Parke, Nicole Parke, Robert Patterson, Ellen Patterson, Laura Patton, Jade Pearson, Damien Perry, Alan Porter, Rebecca Quinn, Rachel Robinson, Bailey Robinson-Ferriter, Emily Schneider, Nicky Scott, Arianna Stewart, Claire Stewart, Gary Stewart, Kristopher Stewart, Victoria Stewart, Rachel Wasson, Naomi Wasson, Danielle Wilson, Kerrie Wilson, Mark Young.





Transition Year:

Sameed Arshad, Natasha McArdle, David McClean*, Philip McGrory, Lucy Morrow, Ellen Patterson*,Laura Patton, Jade Pearson, Rachel Robinsion*, Ellie Wilson, Kerrie Wilson, Mark Young.

Leaving Certificate Year One:

Hazel Alexander, Nicole Barnett, Sarah Bates, Yasmin Bond, Cian Curran, Eimear Fogarty, Luke Johnston, Jordan Long, Julie Moore*, Sarah McBride, Lynne McConnell, Sam Oliver, Dillon O’Loughlin, Helen Roulston, Matthew Smyth, Kristopher Stewart, Naomi Wasson*, Rachel Wasson.*Top Junior Certificate Results

Leaving Certificate Year Two:

Jonathan Blackburn, Iain Crockett, Lea Duffy, James Duncan, Samantha Finlay,Alan Gallagher, Rachel Gibson, Colin Goudie, Gavin Lecky, Kelvin McClean, Lorna Moffitt, Naomi Smyth.



Cookman Memorial Award (Leaving Certificate): John Fallows

Leaving Certificate:James Dowling, Gordon McCauley, Lucy Costello, Sam Pearson

Archdeacon Crooks Memorial Cup (Languages): Lucy Costello, James Dowling

1975 Reunion Cup (Accounting / Business):Sinead Murray

Gilbert Gault Memorial Cup (History): John Fallows

Pinkerton Cup (Mathematics): John Fallows

Raffan Memorial Cup (Engineering / Construction Studies):Stephen Kilpatrick

Construction Studies / Engineering Award: Lee Boyd, Kevin Russell

Practical Award Construction Studies / Engineering: Damien Robinson

Starritt Memorial Cup (Science): Gordon McCauley

Devenney Cup (Agricultural Science): Carol-Ann Scott

400th Anniversary Award (Geography):Rebecca Brennan

Prior Millennium Reunion Trophy (Art):Gordon McCauley, Lucy Costello

Milling Cup (Games – Girls):Sarah Patterson

Elliott Cup (Games – Boys):Ross Doherty

Parents’ Association Cup (Co Curricular): Sam Pearson

Senior Cup (Girls): Rebecca Brennan

Senior Cup (Boys):Sam Pearson

Kevin Kelly Memorial Cup:Timothy Doherty

Attendance:Sarah Bates, Rachel Goudie, Tamara Laird, Jordan Long, Matthew Smyth,

Naomi Smyth.

Special Attendance Award: Lucy Costello, Sam Pearson



Sarah Adair, Lewis Alcorn,Samantha Algeo, Munazza Arshad, Laura Baird, William Blair, Chloe Blake, Rebecca Brennan, Lee Boyd, Eithne Browne, Nigel Browne, Ian Buchanan, Niall Campbell, Lauren Carlin, Chloe Carson, Leanne Carson, Michaela Carson, Chris Chan, Emma Cole, Lucy Costello, Claire Craig, Karen De Souza Tosadore, Tory Devenney, Ross Doherty, James Dowling, Stanley Eaton, John Fallows, Aine Fitzgerald, Kieran Fox, Esdras Garcia, Keelan Gardiner, Ann Sophie Gibson, Jennifer Gordon, Nissa Henderson, Lynne Hetherington, Sarah Higgins, Karen Johnston, Aaron Kee, Jennifer Kee, Natalie Kelly, Grace Kennedy, Luke Kiernan, Stephen Kilpatrick, Matthew Long, Michael Long, Richard Long, Graeme Love, Russell Love, Amanda McBride, Gordon McCauley, Matthew McClean, Luke McClintock, Ryan McClintock, Jonathan McCrabbe, Gemma McCracken, Shannon McElhinney, Malachy McInnes, Samantha McKemey, Kim McKinney, Lauren McKinney,Nicole McKnight, Patrick Manning, Joshua Magee, Rachel Mooney, Emma Moore, Jason Moore, Marshall Moore, Nicola Moore, Zoe Moore, Sinead Murray, Kim Parke, Sarah Patterson, Sam Pearson, Jonathan Pollock, Karen Roarty, Damian Robinson, David Robinson, Tim Robinson, Victoria Rossley, Gemma Russell, Kevin Russell, Shannon Russell, Amy Scanlon, Carol-Ann Scott, Christopher Smyth, Danielle Stewart, Megan Stewart, Siobhan Stewart, Vicki Stewart, Vanessa Taaffe, Rachel Tinney, Rebecca Ward, Nadine White, Dean Wilson, Nicole Whorriskey, Shaun Woods, Connor Young






Jonathan Blackburn (Head Boy)

Rachel Gibson (Head Girl)

Ian Blackburn

Lea Duffy

Iain Crockett

Samantha Finlay

James Duncan

Claire McNutt

Colin Goudie

Sophie Moore

Simon Goudie                                                                           

Aisling Moore

Gavin Lecky (Deputy Head Boy)

Lorna Moffitt (Deputy Head Girl)

Kelvin McClean

Lauren Russell

Simon Russell

Naomi Smyth

Darren Tease                                                                                 

Sarah Vance

Adam Vance                                                                            

Nadine Wylie






Simon Russell

Chantelle Hanlon

Jan Schneider

Eila Kemmerer 

Lorna Moffitt




Hockey (Boys)Simon Goudie

Hockey (Girls)Lyndsey Tinney

Badminton (Boys) Aaron McAuley

Badminton (Girls) Rachel Darragh

FootballJonathan McGee

















































































































































































































































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