A Boarders’ Council (BC) has existed in the Royal School House for the past 6 years. The Council is made up of representative boarders from every year group and meets on a monthly basis with the Head of Boarding and Housemaster. Boarders are nominated onto the council by their peers at the start of the year, and are expected to regularly chat with each other so that they can bring any suggestions or issues to the council meetings to be discussed.

This is an opportunity for the boarders to discuss with staff any suggestions or thoughts they have for RSH, e.g house activities etc. We value the input of all our boarders in the day to day running of the house, and BC ensures that their opinions are valued and listened to.




Upcoming Events

Love for Life Presentation
Love for Life Presentation for 1st, 3rd & 5th Form Tues, 4th Dec
Carol Service 8:00 pm
Carol Service 8:00 pm, Thurs, 6th Dec
House Exams
House Exams 12th - 18th Dec
School closes
School closes at 12.00 noon, 21st Dec End Of Christmas Term. School reopens 9.10 am Mon, 7th Jan