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May 2015: End of Year BBQ

Our annual BBQ at the end of term has become a tradition and it did not disappoint! The weather was pleasant and dry, what more do you need as teenagers made great use of the bouncy castle, obstacle course and bungee run and took plenty of selfies in the process! Burgers, hot dogs and side salad were served, with ice-cream for dessert - enjoyed by all! 




April 2015: Lads Night, Pamper Land & Movie Night

After the Easter holidays, we got a few activities fitted in to the month of April. Lads' and Dolls' Night took place on a Thursday evening and the girls had a pamper evening whist the boys had a Fifa Tournament on the X-BOX! With a few treats thrown into the mix, both sides of the house had a great evening spent with the friends. 

We also had a Movie Night for everyone - a Tuesday night, the whole boarding family gathered together and watched a film in our comfy cosy common room!

At the end of the month we held our 'Induction Evening' for the new boarders who will be joining us next September - it was good to meet them and they joined us for dinner and some games to get to know each other. 




March 2015: St. Patrick’s Day & Easter Egg Hunt

The mock exams ended in March, and we all had a well loved day off for St. Patrick's Day! But when we all came back to boarding we couldn't let the occasion pass by without some treats for the house! A special supper was spread out that evening, with homemade “Green Juice” and other treats. And of course, before the Easter Holidays we had to have our annual Easter Egg Hunt for the whole house. Clues were placed everywhere – inside and out and the teams ran around the house trying to be the fastest in order to win the basket of eggs!

February 2015: School Concert

A busy month in the house with Mock Exams, Half Term Break, and Work Experience for the Transition Years, but we did get out of the house for an evening and we all went to the School Concert in An Grianan Theatre in Letterkenny. A brilliant night of talent by all involved!

January 2015: New Year Trip

It has become a regular fixture for RSH to have our big annual outing in January of each year - and for the last number of years the venue has not changed at the request of the boarders. So what else would we do but get on a bus and head off to Brunswick Movie Bowl in Derry for a night out! We had a wonderful dinner at Martha’s Vineyard, followed by popcorn, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and a movie of our choice at the cinema there.


December 2014: Christmas Celebrations

By the end of November, the Royal School House had the Christmas decorations up and we were all getting into the festive spirit. We celebrated our wonderful Christmas dinner in the first week of December which was greatly enjoyed by everyone. The food, the presents and the speeches made for a great evening, and Santa even stopped by later on that night with presents for everyone! We particularly enjoyed the entertainment provided by some willing boarders who treated us to great performances of dancing and singing! What a talented bunch we have! We also attended the school Carol Service the same week and then it was time to focus and study for the upcoming term exams. 



November 2014: Swimming, Challenge Night & Christmas Decorating

A busy month with plenty of things planned... we had a couple of trips to the swimming pool for boarders who wanted to go. As the month went on, the weather was getting worse :( and we planned a couple of 'in house' games nights! Different challenges were set, teams were created and lots of fun was had in the dining room those nights! And finally, by the end of the month, the Christmas decorations were up! 



October 2014: Open Night, Swimming & Hide & Seek

Unfortunately we don't have any photos of any of the things we did this month - Hide & Seek for the whole house was definitely the highlight though. Everyone was involved, teams of seekers were set and the boarders could hide both inside and outside the house, and it all took place in the dark as an added feature! No torches were allowed, and in a house this size - well it was certainly fun! 

September 2014: Outdoor Water Games (Twice!)

The first big activity of the new year was a water games evening outdoors with everyone in teams and prepared to get wet! It was such a success - we had to have a second one and both evening were greatly enjoyed by all! A great way to get the year started and give us all something to talk about. :)




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