Royal and Prior School Raphoe Co Donegal


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Welcome to Royal and Prior Comprehensive School

Welcome to the Royal and Prior School website. Here you can pursue aspects of school life and keep up to date on school developments. Whether you are a present, past or prospective parent or pupil, or simply seeking information on the school, we hope that you will find our website a useful source.

At Royal and Prior we encourage all our students to achieve the highest possible academic standards across a wide range of subjects. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum within a six-year framework comprising the Junior Certificate, a well planned fourth year Transition year programme and Leaving Certificate courses to higher level. High standards of application and behaviour are expected from each pupil and everyone is encouraged in a supportive environment to fulfil these expectations. In preparing young people for the 21st Century, the school endeavours to promote and deepen Christian faith and values. Through academic study, games and other extra-curricular activities, pupils have many opportunities to build a sound foundation in their formative years.

A message from the Head Boy and Head Girl

As head boy and girl here at the Royal and Prior we welcome you to our school website. Earlier this year we were both thrilled to be elected by students and staff to wear the head boy and head girl pin on our royal blue school jumpers. It is our job to speak and stand for our fellow students. We would like to say that this school has provided us with a brilliant and high standard of education. Here at the Royal and Prior it is in every member of staff best interest to assure that the students reach their full potential. With passionate teaching and wide range of subjects from art to applied maths or history to home economics students will find everything necessary to excel in their talents. The school is a hub for learning and development with students at the minute succeeding in academics, sports and arts. This is all done in a safe, friendly environment with teams of staff and students working on issues such as promoting good mental and physical health and implementing an anti-bullying policy. Our times here has been enjoyable and we would tell any potential pupil that the Royal and Prior is a defiantly a good place to be. We hope you find all the information your looking for here on our website, happy browsing.


  Mark Buchanan and Zara Gillespie (Head Boy and Head Girl, 2017-2018)

  • Calendar 2017 - 2018
  • TY Mini Company 2014
  • School Trip to Uganda

2017 – 2018 Draft Calendar  (Dates are subject to change) 


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Transition Year Mini Companies

Fifty nine pupils participated in transition year and from this group we managed to operate twelve excellent mini companies.  They sold their products at parent teacher meetings, craft fairs, carol services and in various different businesses throughout Donegal. Before Christmas they were busy making their products and selling to the public.

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On the 27th of October a group from the Royal and Prior travelled to The Bethel Royal School in Uganda on what would end up being a life changing experience for staff and students alike.

In 2008 the five Royal schools in Ulster celebrated their 400th Anniversary. To mark the occasion the schools decided to help fund the building of a secondary school in the Nakasongolaregion of Uganda. This project was in collaboration with an organisation called ‘Fields of Life’. Fields of Life was founded in 1995 by Trevor and Ruth Stevenson and they now have education, agriculture, healthcare and water projects in The Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda.

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